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Volume 3, Number 1:1-120;2011
American Journal of Translational Research

Kenneth Iczkowski: Cell adhesion molecule CD44: its functional roles in prostate cancer. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):1-7. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Yan Lu, Pengyuan Liu, Weidong Wen, Clinton J Grubbs, Reid R Townsend, James P. Malone, Ronald A Lubet, Ming You: Cross-species comparison of orthologous gene expression in human bladder cancer and carcinogen-induced rodent models, Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):8-27. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Shadan Ali, Khaldoun Almhanna, Wei Chen, Philip A. Philip, Fazlul H. Sarkar: Differentially expressed miRNAs in the plasma may provide a molecular signature for aggressive pancreatic cancer. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):28-47. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Wei-Chao Huang, Yun-Ju Chen, Chung-Liang Chien, Haruo Kashima, Keh-chung Lin: Constraint-induced movement therapy as a paradigm of translational research in neurorehabilitation: Reviews and prospects. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):48-60. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Jinwen Luo, Sijie Wu, Jian Liu, Yuquan Li, Huan Yang, Teayoun Kim, Olga Zhelyabovska, Guoliang Ding, Yiqun Zhou, Yifeng Yang and Qinglin Yang: Conditional PPARr knockout from cardiomyocytes of adult mice disturbs myocardial fatty acid utilization. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):61-72. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

J. Scott Miners, Merryn Raiker, Seth Love, Patrick G. Kehoe: ACE variants and association with brain Aβ levels in Alzheimer’s disease. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):73-80. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Ronald E. See, Parrish Waters: Pharmacologically-induced stress: a cross-species probe for translational research in drug addiction and relapse Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):81-89. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Seema Sethi, Jill Macoska, Wei Chen, Fazlul H. Sarkar: Molecular signature of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in human prostate cancer bone metastasis. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):90-99. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Ferdinando Mannello , Gaetana A. Tonti, Patrizia Simone, Daniela Ligi and  Virginia Medda: Iron-binding proteins and C-reactive protein in nipple aspirate fluids: role of Iron-driven inflammation in breast cancer microenvironment? Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):100-113. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Yang Guo, Rachel Klein, Reed A. Omary, Guang-Yu Yang,  Andrew C. Larson: Highly malignant intra-hepatic metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma in rats. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(1):114-120. (Abstract, full text, PDF).