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Am J Translational Res 2010;2(2):170-180

Review Article
miR-145-mediated suppression of cell growth, invasion and metastasis

Mohit Sachdeva, Yin-Yuan Mo

Department of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology, Southern Illinois University School of
Medicine, Springfield, IL

Received March 17, 2010; accepted March 22, 2010; available online March 25, 2010

Abstract: MicroRNAs are a large group of negative gene regulators that work through a posttranscriptional
repression mechanism. Evidence indicates that microRNAs play a fundamental role in a wide range of biological
functions such as cellular proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. In cancer, microRNAs may function as
tumor suppressors and oncogenes, and therefore, they are referred to as ‘oncomiRs’. In support of this notion,
we have shown that miR-145 is underexpressed in tumor tissues and is capable of inhibiting tumor cell growth
and invasion by targeting several genes such as c-Myc and mucin 1. This unique feature of miR-145-mediaed
gene silencing may suggest that miR-145 is a potential cancer biomarker and serves as a novel target for cancer
therapy. (AJTR1003003).

Key words: miR-145, microRNAs, negative gene regulators, suppression, repression, cancer, cell growth,
invasion, metastasis

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